Thursday, January 21, 2021
Oasis UGLU Adhesive Strips - Box/250

Oasis UGLU Adhesive Strips - Box/250

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Oasis UGLU Adhesive Strips - Box/250

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Oasis UGlu Adhesive Strips. Perfect For General Purpose Applications In-shop Or On-site. Bonds Instantly To: Plastics, Metal, Styrofoam, Fabric, Wood, Glass, Ceiling Tile, Brick Or Most Exterior Surfaces, Granite, Paper, Drywall, Laminates. Instant Bond & Permanent Hold With The Convenience And Ease Of Tape. Easy-To-Peel Off, Non-toxic & Acid Free, Waterproof & Weatherproof. Can Be Clearly Removed. 250 Per Box.

1 Inch x 3 Inch Strip

SKU: OS 1542
Brand: OASIS Floral Products
Price: $52.25 Per Box
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$313.50 Per Case of 6 Boxes at $52.25 Per Box!