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Floralife 200 Storage & Transport Liquid Treatment - 30 Gallon Drum

Manufacturer: OASIS Floral Products
SKU: OS81-03145
Brand: OASIS Floral Products
Price: $523.75 Per Drum of 1 pieces
Floralife 200 Storage & Transport Liquid Treatment - 30 Gallon Drum. Provides A Balanced Formula To Lower The pH And Increase The Speed Of Flower Hydration. Provides The Appropriate Amount Of Nutrients To Inhibit Premature Bud Opening And Bent Neck In Flowers. Effective At Room Temperature And In Storage Coolers. Helps Reduce Flower Scrap And Customer Credit Adjustments. Can Be Used With All Flower Varieties.  THIS ITEM REQUIRES SPECIAL SHIPPING!
30 Gallon Drum
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