Tuesday, January 26, 2021
Water Picks/Tubes

DirectFloral.com is a well known Water Pick and Water Tube supplier. DirectFloral.com has one of the largest selections of wholesale Water Picks and Water Tubes available at wholesale prices specifically for the retail floral industry. Please browse our selection of high quality Water Picks and Water Tubes and other related items below.

Diamond Line 3
SKU: DL 3800
Diamond Line 3" Water Tube - Clear
Diamond Line 4
SKU: DL 3810
Diamond Line 4" Water Tube - Clear
Diamond Line 4.75
SKU: DL 3805 GRN
Diamond Line 4.75" Water Pick - Green
Oasis 4
SKU: OS 31-01932
Oasis 4" Single Anchor Water Pick - Green
Oasis 4.5
SKU: OS 31-01933
Oasis 4.5" Double Anchor Water Pick - Green
Oasis 4.75
SKU: OS 31-01934
Oasis 4.75" Pointed Water Pick - Green
Water Tube Holder
SKU: DL 3811
Water Tube Holder