Tuesday, June 2, 2020
Design Master Flower Dye/Blue Violet (Iris Blue)

Design Master Flower Dye/Blue Violet (Iris Blue)

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Design Master Flower Dye/Blue Violet (Iris Blue)


Product Description:
Design Master Flower Dye/ Blue Violets (Iris Blue)

Just For Flowers is the perfect tool to match or coordinate color on all 
  types of flowers while enhancing the keeping quality of fresh flowers. 
Just For Flowers is translucent so underlying color shows through, interacting 
   with it, not just covering it. Result- a natural impression of color. 
• Use Just For Flowers Blue Violets to subtly color shift lavender hued 
   blossoms to periwinkle. Refreshen the color of dried blue violets with pretty blue highlights. 
• Try Just For Flowers to rejuvenate decorative flowers with a burst of fresh color 
   or as a color glaze to create exciting finishes on baskets, fabrics, metallics, plastic, 
   wood and many other surfaces.

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12 oz.

SKU: DM 136
Brand: Design Master
Price: $5.59