Saturday, September 19, 2020
Design Master TintIt Dye/ Mango

Design Master TintIt Dye/ Mango

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Design Master TintIt Dye/ Mango


Product Description:
Design Master TintIt Dye/ Mango. Design Master TintIt Is A Sheer Color Spray, Transparent Dye. Spray Vibrant, Sheer Color On Raw, Painted Or Pre-finished Items Without Hiding Surface Details. Tint White Surfaces The Spray Color, Shift Hue Of A Surface Color Or Layer Coats To Intensify Color Or Create And Ombre Effect. Dries In Just Minutes To A Satin Finish. Colorize Paper, Chipboard, Canvas, And Styrofoam. Stain Wood, Dye Fresh And Silk Flowers And Even Spray Non-pile Fabrics, Trims And More. Acid Free, Non-toxic When Dry, And Will Not Smear When Moistened.

10 oz.

SKU: DM 532
Brand: Design Master
Price: $5.59