Thursday, January 21, 2021
Design Master Glue For Glitter

Design Master Glue For Glitter

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Design Master Glue For Glitter


Product Description:
Design Master Glue For Glitter. Invisible Adhesive for Sprinkle-Type Decorations. Fast drying adhesive to adhere glitters, sparkles, beads and other sprinkle decorations in floral, craft and home decor projects. This flexible adhesive dries clear to an invisible bond. USES: Holds glitter of all sizes, opalescent flakes, artificial snow, sequins, confetti, beads and microbeads, foam cutouts, etc. to most items. Use on fresh flowers and foliages, silk flowers, permanent florals, holiday greenery, ornaments, pinecones, Styrofoam, foam board, ribbons, lace, paper, pottery, wood and most other surfaces. Not intended for use on outdoor exposed objects.

11 oz.

SKU: DM 663
Brand: Design Master
Price: $5.29