Saturday, March 6, 2021
Design Master Flower Dye/ Peacock

Design Master Flower Dye/ Peacock

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Design Master Flower Dye/ Peacock


Product Description:
Design Master Flower Dye/ Peacock. Just For Flowers changes the color of any flower in an instant with realistic results. It's the perfect tool to match or coordinate color on all types of flowers while enhancing the keeping quality of fresh flowers. Just For Flowers, flower dye, is translucent so underlying color shows through and details aren't covered up. Apply on a white flower to dye blossom the spray color or try a color on color technique to 'visually mix' the spray and flower colors. Use Just For Flowers Peacock to create teal flowers. Apply a light coat for a slight color shift or multiple coats to create deeper color values. Experiment with color- Peacock on yellow or orange flowers shifts to hunter green.

11 oz.

SKU: DM 134
Brand: Design Master
Price: $5.75