Tuesday, September 25, 2018
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SKU: OS 31-90141 (HF 9064)
3" Foam Snowflake Pick
SKU: HF9049/WT
3" Glitter White Star Pick
SKU: EV74008
31 Inch Green Pear Spray x 4
SKU: XS70123
32 Inch Green Ball Berry Spray Glittered
SKU: FA72150
34 Inch Light Brown Bead Spray
SKU: XS70137
34 Inch Red Tinsel Grass Bead Spray
SKU: DL5803
4 Glass Tubes with Stand
SKU: DL9004
4 Inch Cake Top
SKU: 400080
4 Inch Garden Pick/Magnets (4 Assorted)
SKU: DL4735
4 Inch Round Gold Planter
4" Potcover
SKU: OS 31-90072 (HF2281)
4½" In Loving Memory Assorted Pick
SKU: XS90075
4cm Blue Ball Pick x 3
SKU: XS90073
4cm Green Ball Pick x 3
SKU: DL1626
5 Assorted 6 Inch Metal Bucket
SKU: FA72152
50 Inch Burgundy Mini Money Plant Spray
6" Kwik-Cover - Yellow Plaid
SKU: DL1820
6.5 Inch Angel Votive (4 Assorted Styles)
SKU: XS10005
60mm Red Metal Bell Ornament (Box of 8)
SKU: GR64302
66 Inch Medium Sage Ivy Garland
7 Inch Garden Saucer (Sandstone)
SKU: XS90058
7 Inch Green Small Butterfly Pick
SKU: XS90056
7 Inch Silver Small Butterfly Pick
SKU: DL1505
7" Black Vase w/Pearl & Rhinestone Decor
SKU: DL3490
7" Red/Green Metal Potcovers (2 Assorted)
SKU: DL1506
7" White Vase w/Pearl & Rhinestone Decor
7.5 Inch Bud Vase Red
SKU: GR64317
72 Inch Mini Podocarpus Garland
8 Inch Ruby Glass Vase
SKU: XS90097
8" Gold Glitter Light Bulb Pick
SKU: OS45-22031
8" Natural Wood Ring - Brown
SKU: OS45-22030
8" Natural Wood Ring - Natural
SKU: OS45-22032
8" Natural Wood Ring - White Wash
SKU: SS4098
9 Inch Bud Vase Clear Glass
SKU: AY8030
Acolyte Submersible FloraLyte III - Orange
SKU: B170
Assorted Christmas Picks-72 pc
SKU: DL4699
Aztec Collection: 11 Inch Ceramic Vase-Earthtone
SKU: DL4682
Aztec Collection: 6 Inch Ceramic Vase-Earthtone
SKU: DL4679
Aztec Collection: 8 Inch Ceramic Vase-Earthtone
SKU: SP0528
Best Wishes Enclosure Card (PACK 50)
SKU: DL1235
Black Matte Finish Vase w/Rhinestones
SKU: DL1271
Black Round Rhinestone Vase
SKU: DL1295
Black Rounded Square Vase
SKU: DL1204
Black Square Planter with Silver Dots
Bronze Memorial Dome
Centerpiece Tray Silver
SKU: DL9401
Christmas Cup/Saucer with Evergreen Berries
SKU: DL1421
Clear Acrylic Stones & Beads
Cobalt Blue Glass Cube with Rhinestone Trim
SKU: CW1404L
Color Your World Bracelet Collection - Lime
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