Sunday, November 18, 2018

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OASIS Lomey Lace Bouquet Collars - 10" White Lace

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OASIS Lomey Lace Bouquet Collars - 10" White Lace. Double Stitching Secures The Fabric Tight To The Collar. Fabric Cut Specifically For Each Collar Size Ensuring No Excessive, Unattractive Bunching. A Layer Of Netting On The Lace And Tulle Collars Adds Fullness And Helps Fabric Lie Neatly.  One Bag = 6 Pieces.  One Case = 24 Pieces.

SKU: OS42-00831
Brand: OASIS Floral Products
Price: $10.50 Per Bag
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$42.00 Per Case of 4 Bags at $10.50 Per Bag!