Tuesday, March 28, 2017
OASIS Floral Products

Directfloral.com is proud to be a wholesale distributor for Oasis Floral Products. We offer the complete line of Oasis floral products. If you do not see the Oasis product you are interested in please contact one of our customer service representatives. All Oasis floral products may be ordered directly through Directfloral.com.

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SKU: OS45-83300
Oasis ECOssentials 3.5" Cube - Natural
SKU: OS45-83304
Oasis ECOssentials 3.5" Cube - Poppy
SKU: OS45-83308
Oasis ECOssentials 3.5" Cube - Slate
SKU: OS45-83407
Oasis ECOssentials 4.5" Cube - Antique Pink
SKU: OS45-83406
Oasis ECOssentials 4.5" Cube - Aqua
SKU: OS45-83409
Oasis ECOssentials 4.5" Cube - Bark
SKU: OS45-83403
Oasis ECOssentials 4.5" Cube - Celery
SKU: OS45-83401
Oasis ECOssentials 4.5" Cube - Cranberry
SKU: OS45-83405
Oasis ECOssentials 4.5" Cube - Eggplant
SKU: OS45-83402
Oasis ECOssentials 4.5" Cube - Moss
SKU: OS45-83400
Oasis ECOssentials 4.5" Cube - Natural
SKU: OS45-83404
Oasis ECOssentials 4.5" Cube - Poppy
SKU: OS45-83408
Oasis ECOssentials 4.5" Cube - Slate
SKU: OS45-83507
Oasis ECOssentials 5" Cylinder - Antique Pink
SKU: OS45-83506
Oasis ECOssentials 5" Cylinder - Aqua
SKU: OS45-83509
Oasis ECOssentials 5" Cylinder - Bark
SKU: OS45-83503
Oasis ECOssentials 5" Cylinder - Celery
SKU: OS45-83501
Oasis ECOssentials 5" Cylinder - Cranberry
SKU: OS45-83505
Oasis ECOssentials 5" Cylinder - Eggplant
SKU: OS45-83502
Oasis ECOssentials 5" Cylinder - Moss
SKU: OS45-83500
Oasis ECOssentials 5" Cylinder - Natural
SKU: OS45-83504
Oasis ECOssentials 5" Cylinder - Poppy
SKU: OS45-83508
Oasis ECOssentials 5" Cylinder - Slate
SKU: OS45-83602
Oasis ECOssentials 6" Cylinder - Moss
SKU: OS45-83600
Oasis ECOssentials 6" Cylinder - Natural
SKU: OS45-83608
Oasis ECOssentials 6" Cylinder - Slate
SKU: OS45-83702
Oasis ECOssentials 7" Cylinder - Moss
SKU: OS45-83700
Oasis ECOssentials 7" Cylinder - Natural
SKU: OS45-83708
Oasis ECOssentials 7" Cylinder - Slate
SKU: OS45-82602
Oasis Essentials Large Square Bowl - Onyx
SKU: OS45-82212
Oasis Essentials Oval Bowl - Apple Green
SKU: OS45-82207
Oasis Essentials Oval Bowl - Copper
SKU: OS45-82205
Oasis Essentials Oval Bowl - Gold
SKU: OS45-82202
Oasis Essentials Oval Bowl - Onyx
SKU: OS45-82214
Oasis Essentials Oval Bowl - Purple
SKU: OS45-82203
Oasis Essentials Oval Bowl - Red
SKU: OS45-82206
Oasis Essentials Oval Bowl - Silver
SKU: OS45-82211
Oasis Essentials Oval Bowl - Strong Pink
SKU: OS45-82213
Oasis Essentials Oval Bowl - Tangerine
SKU: OS45-82209
Oasis Essentials Oval Bowl - Yellow
SKU: OS45-82412
Oasis Essentials Rectangle Bowl - Apple Green
SKU: OS45-82407
Oasis Essentials Rectangle Bowl - Copper
SKU: OS45-82405
Oasis Essentials Rectangle Bowl - Gold
SKU: OS45-82402
Oasis Essentials Rectangle Bowl - Onyx
SKU: OS45-82414
Oasis Essentials Rectangle Bowl - Purple
SKU: OS45-82403
Oasis Essentials Rectangle Bowl - Red
SKU: OS45-82406
Oasis Essentials Rectangle Bowl - Silver
SKU: OS45-82411
Oasis Essentials Rectangle Bowl - Strong Pink
SKU: OS45-82413
Oasis Essentials Rectangle Bowl - Tangerine
SKU: OS45-82409
Oasis Essentials Rectangle Bowl - Yellow
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