Tuesday, October 23, 2018
OASIS Floral Products

Directfloral.com is proud to be a wholesale distributor for Oasis Floral Products. We offer the complete line of Oasis floral products. If you do not see the Oasis product you are interested in please contact one of our customer service representatives. All Oasis floral products may be ordered directly through Directfloral.com.

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SKU: OS 42-86010
Handy White Accent Bead Wristlet Single Strand
SKU: OS 42-86016
Handy White Pearl Cinch Wristlet
SKU: OS 42-86001
Handy White Pearl Wristlet Narrow
SKU: OS 42-92100 (HF593/IR)
Iridescent Beaded Wristlet
SKU: OS 42-92024 (HF874/IV)
Ivory Pearl Quintette
SKU: OS 42-92085 (HF696)
Large Clear Stone Quintet
SKU: OS 42-92084 (HF695)
Large Iridescent Stone Quintet
SKU: OS 42-92102 (HF593/LV)
Lavender Beaded Wristlet
SKU: OS 42-86043
LED White Tea Light Candle
SKU: OS 42-86042
LED White Votive Candle
SKU: OS 42-92001 (HF629/LB)
Light Blue Acrylic Teardrop Spray
SKU: OS 42-92002 (HF629/LG)
Light Green Acrylic Teardrop Spray
SKU: OS 42-92093
Pearlicious Wristlet - Black
SKU: OS 42-92094
Pearlicious Wristlet - Gold
SKU: OS 42-92095
Pearlicious Wristlet - Iridescent
SKU: OS 42-92096
Pearlicious Wristlet - Ivory
SKU: OS 42-92097
Pearlicious Wristlet - Silver
SKU: OS 42-92098
Pearlicious Wristlet - White
SKU: OS 42-92003 (HF629/PK)
Pink Acrylic Teardrop Spray
SKU: OS 42-92004 (HF629/R)
Red Acrylic Teardrop Spray
SKU: OS 42-86044
Waterproof 1" Clear LED Accent Light
SKU: OS 42-86045
Waterproof 2¾" Clear LED Accent Light
SKU: OS 42-92025 (HF874/WT)
White Pearl Quintette
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