Sunday, May 27, 2018
OASIS Floral Products is proud to be a wholesale distributor for Oasis Floral Products. We offer the complete line of Oasis floral products. If you do not see the Oasis product you are interested in please contact one of our customer service representatives. All Oasis floral products may be ordered directly through

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SKU: OS40-12583
Oasis 12 Guage Diamond Wire-Apple Green
SKU: OS40-12584
Oasis 12 Guage Diamond Wire-Black
SKU: OS40-12586
Oasis 12 Guage Diamond Wire-Purple
SKU: OS40-12587
Oasis 12 Guage Diamond Wire-Pink
SKU: OS40-12588
Oasis 12 Guage Diamond Wire-Red
SKU: OS40-12589
Oasis 12 Guage Diamond Wire-Strong Pink
SKU: OS40-12590
Oasis 12 Guage Diamond Wire-Turquoise
SKU: OS41-12530
Oasis Mega Beaded Wire - Iridescent
SKU: OS41-12531
Oasis Mega Beaded Wire - White
SKU: OS41-12347
Oasis 1" Cluny Lace - Antique White
SKU: OS41-12362
Oasis 1" Raw Jute - Aloe
SKU: OS41-12363
Oasis 1" Raw Jute - Coral
SKU: OS41-12364
Oasis 1" Raw Jute - Eggplant
SKU: OS41-12361
Oasis 1" Raw Jute - Moss
SKU: OS41-12360
Oasis 1" Raw Jute - Natural
SKU: OS41-12346
Oasis 1" Scalloped Lace - Antique White
SKU: OS41-12345
Oasis 1.25" Cluny Lace - Antique White
SKU: OS41-12344
Oasis 2" Floral Lace - Antique White
SKU: OS41-12343
Oasis 2" Medallion Lace - Antique White
SKU: OS41-12372
Oasis 2" Raw Jute - Aloe
SKU: OS41-12373
Oasis 2" Raw Jute - Coral
SKU: OS41-12374
Oasis 2" Raw Jute - Eggplant
SKU: OS41-12371
Oasis 2" Raw Jute - Moss
SKU: OS41-12370
Oasis 2" Raw Jute - Natural
SKU: OS41-12342
Oasis 2" Scalloped Lace - Antique White
SKU: OS41-12517
Oasis Brooch - Diamante
SKU: OS41-12515
Oasis Brooch - Pearl Cluster
SKU: OS41-12516
Oasis Brooch - Single Pearl
SKU: OS41-12453
Oasis Button Wire - Apple Green
SKU: OS41-12452
Oasis Button Wire - Aqua
SKU: OS41-12456
Oasis Button Wire - Red
SKU: OS41-12450
Oasis Button Wire - White
SKU: OS41-12565
Oasis Flat Cane - Purple
SKU: OS41-12564
Oasis Flat Cane - Red
SKU: OS41-12558
Oasis Glitter Midollino Sticks - Gold
SKU: OS41-12435
Oasis Holiday Raw Muslin - Natural/Wooden Star
SKU: OS41-12433
Oasis Holiday Raw Muslin - Red/Wooden Tree
SKU: OS41-12434
Oasis Holiday Raw Muslin - Taupe/Wooden Snowflake
SKU: OS41-12341
Oasis Ivory Lace Wrap
SKU: OS41-12532
Oasis Mega Beaded Wire - Ivory
SKU: OS41-12420
Oasis Midollino Shapes: Butterfly - Natural
SKU: OS41-12432
Oasis Midollino Shapes: Flower - Apple Green
SKU: OS41-12431
Oasis Midollino Shapes: Flower - Pink
SKU: OS41-12552
Oasis Midollino Sticks - Apple Green
SKU: OS41-12551
Oasis Midollino Sticks - Black
SKU: OS41-12550
Oasis Midollino Sticks - Natural
SKU: OS41-12557
Oasis Midollino Sticks - Pink
SKU: OS41-12555
Oasis Midollino Sticks - Purple
SKU: OS41-12554
Oasis Midollino Sticks - Red
SKU: OS41-12553
Oasis Midollino Sticks - Strong Pink
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