Tuesday, March 26, 2019
OASIS Floral Products

Directfloral.com is proud to be a wholesale distributor for Oasis Floral Products. We offer the complete line of Oasis floral products. If you do not see the Oasis product you are interested in please contact one of our customer service representatives. All Oasis floral products may be ordered directly through Directfloral.com.

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SKU: OS 45-30006
Oasis 9.375" Cinch Vase - Clear Glass
SKU: OS 45-00673
Oasis 9.5" Grace Vase - Clear Glass
SKU: OS C01C1211
Clayrton's 5" Assorted Pleated Naturel Sleeves
SKU: OS C01C1212
Clayrton's 5" Assorted Pleated Rubis Sleeves
SKU: OS C01C1411
Clayrton's 5.75" Assorted Pleated Naturel Sleeves
SKU: OS C01C1412
Clayrton's 5.75" Assorted Pleated Rubis Sleeves
SKU: OS C01C1611
Clayrton's 6.5" Assorted Pleated Naturel Sleeves
SKU: OS C01C1612
Clayrton's 6.5" Assorted Pleated Rubis Sleeves
SKU: OS C01C1811
Clayrton's 7.25" Assorted Pleated Naturel Sleeves
SKU: OS C01C1812
Clayrton's 7.25" Assorted Pleated Rubis Sleeves
SKU: OS C39V1204
Clayrton's Simply Apple
SKU: OS C39V1202
Clayrton's Simply Fuchsia
SKU: OS C39V1201
Clayrton's Simply Grey
SKU: OS C39V1203
Clayrton's Simply Red
SKU: OS C39W1704
Clayrton's Stampo Fuchsia/Apple
SKU: OS C39W1701
Clayrton's Stampo Green/Choco
SKU: OS C39W1702
Clayrton's Stampo Grey/Pink
SKU: OS C39W1703
Clayrton's Stampo Red/Orange
SKU: OS45-80302
Oasis 11" Wok Planter - Black
SKU: OS45-80317
Oasis 11" Wok Planter - Moss
SKU: OS45-80316
Oasis 11" Wok Planter - Sandstone
SKU: OS45-80315
Oasis 11" Wok Planter - Slate
SKU: OS45-80301
Oasis 11" Wok Planter - White
SKU: OS 45-80318
Oasis 11" Wok Planter Antique Pink
SKU: OS 45-80320
Oasis 11" Wok Planter Aqua
SKU: OS 45-80319
Oasis 11" Wok Planter Golden Yellow
SKU: OS 45-80321
Oasis 11" Wok Planter Lavender
SKU: OS45-80502
Oasis 4.5" Cache Pot - Black
SKU: OS45-80517
Oasis 4.5" Cache Pot - Moss
SKU: OS45-80516
Oasis 4.5" Cache Pot - Sandstone
SKU: OS45-80515
Oasis 4.5" Cache Pot - Slate
SKU: OS45-80501
Oasis 4.5" Cache Pot - White
SKU: OS 45-80518
Oasis 4.5" Cache Pot Antique Pink
SKU: OS 45-80520
Oasis 4.5" Cache Pot Aqua
SKU: OS 45-80519
Oasis 4.5" Cache Pot Golden Yellow
SKU: OS 45-80521
Oasis 4.5" Cache Pot Lavender
SKU: OS45-80602
Oasis 6" Cache Dish - Black
SKU: OS45-80617
Oasis 6" Cache Dish - Moss
SKU: OS45-80616
Oasis 6" Cache Dish - Sandstone
SKU: OS45-80615
Oasis 6" Cache Dish - Slate
SKU: OS45-80601
Oasis 6" Cache Dish - White
SKU: OS 45-80618
Oasis 6" Cache Dish Antique Pink
SKU: OS 45-80620
Oasis 6" Cache Dish Aqua
SKU: OS 45-80619
Oasis 6" Cache Dish Golden Yellow
SKU: OS 45-80621
Oasis 6" Cache Dish Lavender
SKU: OS45-80402
Oasis 6" Flare Bowl - Black
SKU: OS45-80421
Oasis 6" Flare Bowl - Lavender
SKU: OS45-80417
Oasis 6" Flare Bowl - Moss
SKU: OS45-80416
Oasis 6" Flare Bowl - Sandstone
SKU: OS45-80415
Oasis 6" Flare Bowl - Slate
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