Wednesday, September 19, 2018
OASIS Floral Products is proud to be a wholesale distributor for Oasis Floral Products. We offer the complete line of Oasis floral products. If you do not see the Oasis product you are interested in please contact one of our customer service representatives. All Oasis floral products may be ordered directly through

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SKU: OS75-18531
Oasis Bark Wrap Centerpiece Kit
SKU: OS75-18533
Oasis Beaded Wire Bouquet Kit
SKU: OS75-18532
Oasis Cotton Lace Vase Kit
SKU: OS1841
Oasis Mache - 18" Wreath (1 Per Pack)
SKU: OS1840
Oasis Mache - 18" Wreath (2 Per Pack)
SKU: OS75-18534
Oasis Wire Flourish Kit
SKU: OS1845
Oasis Mache - 22" Wreath
SKU: OS11-01071
Oasis Floral Foam Frames - DAD
SKU: OS11-01070
Oasis Floral Foam Frames - MOM
SKU: OS11-01842
Oasis Mache - 12" Wreath
SKU: OS11-01849
Oasis Mache - 18" Square Wreath
SKU: OS11-01853
Oasis Mache - 20.5" Ribbon
SKU: OS11-01850
Oasis Mache - 21" Oval Wreath
SKU: OS1847
Oasis Mache - 24" Wreath
SKU: OS1827
Oasis Mache - 24" Open Heart
SKU: OS11-01828
Oasis Mache - 26" Open Double Heart
SKU: OS1820
Oasis Mache - 12" Open Heart
SKU: OS1582
Oasis Dual Temperature Glue Gun
SKU: OS1562
Oasis Hot-Melt Glue - 25 lb. Bulk Pack
SKU: OS31-01567
Oasis Hot-Melt Glue - 50 lb. Bulk Pack
SKU: OS31-01540
Oasis UGLU Adhesive Roll
SKU: OS1542
Oasis UGLU Adhesive Strips - Box/250
SKU: OS1541
Oasis UGLU Dashes on a Roll/1000
SKU: HF9043/S
3" Glitter Silver Star Pick
SKU: HF9049/WT
3" Glitter White Star Pick
SKU: OS 45-22150
4½" Ceramic Tree Cube
SKU: OS 45-22151
5½" Ceramic Tree Cube
SKU: OS 45-22152
6" Ceramic Tree Low Cube
SKU: OS 45-22086
6" Gray Taper Wood Vase
SKU: OS 45-22087
7" Gray Taper Wood Vase
SKU: OS 45-22153
7½" Ceramic Tree Rectangle
SKU: OS 45-22084
Cream Wood Box Tray Set
SKU: OS 45-22085
Cream Wood Oval Box Tray Set
SKU: OS 45-22077
Rustic Blue Double-Cube Wood Vase with Handles
SKU: OS 45-22076
Rustic Red Double-Cube Wood Vase with Handles
SKU: OS 45-22075
Rustic Yellow Double-Cube Wood Vase with Handles
SKU: OS 45-22070
Set 3 Multi Color Wood Cube
SKU: OS 45-22073
Set 3 Rustic Blue Wood Cube
SKU: OS 45-22078
Set 3 Rustic Multi Color Wood Cube
SKU: OS 45-22072
Set 3 Rustic Red Wood Cube
SKU: OS 45-22071
Set 3 Rustic Yellow Wood Cube
SKU: OS11-1860
Oasis Floral Foam Sphere With Stand
SKU: OS11-1861
Oasis Floral Foam Football With Stand
SKU: OS11-11165
Oasis Floral Foam Shapes - 6" Standing Sphere (2/Pk)
SKU: OS11-11166
Oasis Floral Foam Shapes - 8" Standing Sphere
SKU: OS11-11162
Oasis Floral Foam Shapes - Cross (2/Pk)
SKU: OS11-11163
Oasis Floral Foam Shapes - Heart (2/Pk)
SKU: OS11-11161
Oasis Floral Foam Shapes - High Heel (2/Pk)
SKU: OS11-11160
Oasis Floral Foam Shapes - Purse (2/Pk)
SKU: OS11-03094
Oasis Mini Heart - 5" Solid Mini Heart
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