Sunday, November 18, 2018
OASIS Tools Of Trade is a proud distributor of Oasis Floral has one of the largest selections of Oasis Floral Supplies available at wholesale prices specifically for the retail floral industry. Please browse our selection of high quality Oasis Tools Of The Trade and other related Oasis products.

Anchor Pins/Candle Stakes Cutting Tools Easels Floral Adhesives
Floral Tape Florist Netting Florist Wire Oasis Plaques
Paddle Wire Spool Wire    
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SKU: OS32-05025
Floralife SURE-STIK Floral Adhesive - Green
SKU: OS32-05033
Floralife SURE-STIK Floral Adhesive - White
SKU: GP144
Greenery Pins
SKU: OS31-03600
Oasis 1" Candle Stake (For Taper Candles)
SKU: OS33-28041
Oasis 12" Florist Netting - Galvanized
SKU: OS33-28040
Oasis 12" Florist Netting - Green
SKU: OS33-28121
Oasis 12" Tombstone Plaque - Galvanized
SKU: OS33-28042
Oasis 18" Florist Netting - Green
SKU: OS33-28016
Oasis 18" Florist Wire - 16 Gauge
SKU: OS33-28018
Oasis 18" Florist Wire - 18 Gauge
SKU: OS33-28019
Oasis 18" Florist Wire - 19 Gauge
SKU: OS33-28020
Oasis 18" Florist Wire - 20 Gauge
SKU: OS33-28021
Oasis 18" Florist Wire - 21 Gauge
SKU: OS33-28022
Oasis 18" Florist Wire - 22 Gauge
SKU: OS33-28023
Oasis 18" Florist Wire - 23 Gauge
SKU: OS33-28024
Oasis 18" Florist Wire - 24 Gauge
SKU: OS33-28026
Oasis 18" Florist Wire - 26 Gauge
SKU: OS33-28028
Oasis 18" Florist Wire - 28 Gauge
SKU: OS33-28030
Oasis 18" Florist Wire - 30 Gauge
SKU: OS33-28101
Oasis 24" Wire Easel
SKU: OS33-28102
Oasis 27" Wire Easel
SKU: OS31-03603
Oasis 3" Candle Stake (For Pillar Candles)
SKU: OS31-03604
Oasis 3" Hurricane Candle Stake
SKU: OS33-28122
Oasis 4" x 8" Saddle
SKU: OS31-01650
Oasis Aisle Runner Tape - 2" White
SKU: OS1578A
Oasis All Temperature Glue Sticks - 5 lb. Box
SKU: OS3530
Oasis Anchor Pins
SKU: OS31-01546
Oasis BIND-IT Tape - 3/4" Clear
SKU: OS31-01545
Oasis BIND-IT Tape - 3/4" Green
SKU: OS31-01641
Oasis Clear Tape - 1/2" Clear
SKU: OS1640
Oasis Clear Tape - 1/4" Clear
SKU: OS1660
Oasis Double-Faced Tape - 1" White
SKU: OS1582
Oasis Dual Temperature Glue Gun
SKU: OS1532
Oasis Floral Adhesive Tube - 39gm
SKU: OS1508
Oasis FLORALOCK Plus Stem Adhesive - 4.5 oz
SKU: OS33-28045
Oasis Greening Pins - 1 lb.
SKU: OS33-28047
Oasis Greening Pins - 10 lb.
SKU: OS33-28046
Oasis Greening Pins - 5 lb.
SKU: OS1560
Oasis Hot Melt Glue - 16 oz. Bag
SKU: OS1562
Oasis Hot-Melt Glue - 25 lb. Bulk Pack
SKU: OS31-01567
Oasis Hot-Melt Glue - 50 lb. Bulk Pack
SKU: OS33-28120
Oasis Metal Canadian Plaque
SKU: OS33-28006
Oasis Paddle Wire - 24 Gauge
SKU: OS33-28007
Oasis Paddle Wire - 26 Gauge
SKU: OS33-28008
Oasis Paddle Wire - 28 Gauge
SKU: OS33-28000
Oasis Spool Wire - 22 Gauge
SKU: OS33-28001
Oasis Spool Wire - 24 Gauge
SKU: OS33-28002
Oasis Spool Wire - 26 Gauge
SKU: OS31-01540
Oasis UGLU Adhesive Roll
SKU: OS1542
Oasis UGLU Adhesive Strips - Box/250
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