Monday, December 10, 2018
More Supplies is a well known Wholesale Floral supplier. has one of the largest selections of Wholesale Floral Supplies available at wholesale prices specifically for the retail floral industry. Please browse our selection of high quality Floral Supplies and other related items below.

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SKU: OS41-12318
Oasis Natural Wrap - Pear Leaf
SKU: OS99-50000
Oasis New Products Introduction Kit
SKU: OS 40-12209
Oasis Orange 23 Gauge Bind Wire
SKU: OS33-28004
Oasis Paddle Wire - 20 Gauge
SKU: OS33-28009
Oasis Paddle Wire - 23 Gauge
SKU: OS33-28006
Oasis Paddle Wire - 24 Gauge
SKU: OS33-28007
Oasis Paddle Wire - 26 Gauge
SKU: OS33-28008
Oasis Paddle Wire - 28 Gauge
SKU: OS41-12350
Oasis Pastel Wrap - Antique Pink
SKU: OS41-12351
Oasis Pastel Wrap - Lavender
SKU: OS41-12354
Oasis Pastel Wrap - Mint
SKU: OS11-01062
Oasis Place-It Grande Holder
SKU: OS11-01110
Oasis Racquettes Holder - 18" Racquettes Holder
SKU: OS1120
Oasis Racquettes Holder - 27" Racquettes Holder
SKU: OS11-01130
Oasis Racquettes Holder - 36" Racquettes Holder
SKU: OS41-12448
Oasis Raw Muslin - Antique Pink
SKU: OS41-12446
Oasis Raw Muslin - Aqua
SKU: OS41-12441
Oasis Raw Muslin - Bark
SKU: OS41-12445
Oasis Raw Muslin - Celery
SKU: OS41-12447
Oasis Raw Muslin - Coral
SKU: OS41-12444
Oasis Raw Muslin - Cranberry
SKU: OS41-12443
Oasis Raw Muslin - Denim
SKU: OS41-12442
Oasis Raw Muslin - Moss
SKU: OS41-12440
Oasis Raw Muslin - Natural
SKU: OS 40-12210
Oasis Red 23 Gauge Bind Wire
SKU: OS 41-12252
Oasis Red Cable Knit Wrap
SKU: OS 41-12256
Oasis Red Laser Cut Wood Santa Wrap
SKU: OS 41-12241
Oasis Red Wood Tree Multi-Strand Wrap
SKU: OS32-02823
Oasis Ribbon Shears
SKU: OS1043
Oasis Ring Holder - 12" Ring Holder
SKU: OS1041
Oasis Ring Holder - 6" Ring Holder
SKU: OS1042
Oasis Ring Holder - 8.5" Ring Holder
SKU: OS11-01064
Oasis Sealed Brick Garland - 4' Garland
SKU: OS41-12382
Oasis Sequin Wrap - Copper Matte
SKU: OS41-12380
Oasis Sequin Wrap - Gold Matte
SKU: OS41-12384
Oasis Sequin Wrap - Red Matte
SKU: OS41-12381
Oasis Sequin Wrap - Silver Matte
SKU: OS41-12383
Oasis Sequin Wrap - Steel Matte
SKU: OS 40-12206
Oasis Silver 23 Gauge Bind Wire
SKU: OS32-02825
Oasis Small Bunch Cutter
SKU: OS33-28010
Oasis Spool Wire - 20 Gauge
SKU: OS33-28011
Oasis Spool Wire - 21 Gauge
SKU: OS33-28000
Oasis Spool Wire - 22 Gauge
SKU: OS33-28012
Oasis Spool Wire - 23 Gauge
SKU: OS33-28001
Oasis Spool Wire - 24 Gauge
SKU: OS33-28002
Oasis Spool Wire - 26 Gauge
SKU: OS11-01805
Oasis Spray Bar
SKU: OS0110
Oasis Springtime Floral Foam Maxlife (36 Pack)
SKU: OS0100
Oasis Springtime Floral Foam Maxlife (48 Pack)
SKU: OS0050
Oasis Standard Floral Foam Maxlife (24 Pack)
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