Friday, March 24, 2017
Containers is a well known Floral Container supplier. has one of the largest selections of wholesale Floral Containers available at wholesale prices specifically for the retail floral industry. Please browse our selection of high quality Floral Containers and other related items below.

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Plastic White Heart Vase
SKU: DL4012
10 Inch Madonna Vase-Bisque
10" Large Mint Julep Cup - Black Pearl
SKU: DL1515
10" Round Ceramic Dish (3 Assorted)
10.25 Inch Clear Glass Vase
SKU: DL4076
11oz Baby Giraffe Mug
SKU: DL4081
11oz Bee Well Mug
SKU: DL4079
11oz Smiley Face Get Well Mug
12" Black Trumpet Vase w/Silver Base
SKU: VO942
12" Silver Trumpet Vase
SKU: DL1501
12.5" Black Vase w/Pearl & Rhinestone Decor
SKU: DL1504
12.5" Pink Vase w/Pearl & Rhinestone Decor
SKU: DL1503
12.5" Red Vase w/Pearl & Rhinestone Decor
SKU: DL1502
12.5" White Vase w/Pearl & Rhinestone Decor
SKU: DL4087
12oz Butterfly/Flower Mug
SKU: DL4083
13oz Floral Mug
SKU: DL4014
14 Inch Madonna Vase-Bisque
SKU: DL1150
2 Assorted Antique Metal Planters w/Ear Handles
SKU: DL6143
2 Assorted Black and White Metal Planters w/Silver Band Trim
SKU: DL1201
2 Assorted Ceramic Baby Blocks
SKU: DL4084
2 Assorted Ceramic Cars-Glazed Inside
SKU: DL1152
2 Assorted Metal Pot Covers
SKU: DL7116
2 Assorted Metal Potcovers w/Holly Berry Design
SKU: DL1045
2 Assorted Polyresin Cherub Vase
SKU: DL4037
2 Assorted Purse & Shoes Mug
SKU: DL3227
2 Assorted Rectangle Wooden Planters
SKU: DL9157
2 Assorted Red/Green Metal Potcovers
SKU: DL1158
2 Assorted Red/White Metal Potcover With Reindeer
SKU: DL1203
2 Assorted Round Ceramic Planters with Flared Top
SKU: DL3235
2 Assorted Wooden Whiskey Barrel Planters
SKU: DL8099
3 Assorted Ceramic Fish Planters
SKU: DL1430
3 Assorted Ceramic Pitchers
SKU: DL1560
3 Assorted Ceramic Planters
SKU: DL5139
3 Assorted Metal Christmas Potcovers
SKU: DL2366
3 Assorted Metal Planters (Silver, Bronze, Black)
SKU: DL5126
3 Assorted Metal Potcovers w/Liners
SKU: DL5129
3 Assorted Metal Potcovers w/Liners
SKU: DL5359
3 Assorted Metal Watering Cans w/Dot Embossment
SKU: DL5177
3 Assorted Wooden Wheelbarrow Planters
SKU: 3315
35 Inch Oak Wood Wagon w/Metal Wheel
SKU: DL5354
4 Assorted 4 Inch Metal Watering Can
SKU: DL4048
4 Assorted Animal Ceramics
SKU: DL1230
4 Assorted Ceramic Ice Cream Sundae Dish Planters
SKU: DL4005
4 Assorted Ceramic Mug (10 oz)
SKU: DL8162
4 Assorted Metal Coal Buckets w/Bale Handle
SKU: DL1011
4 Assorted Metal Planters w/Side Handles
SKU: DL5165
4 Assorted Metal Pot Covers
SKU: DL5173
4 Assorted Metal Pot Covers With Bale Handles
SKU: DL1159
4 Assorted Metal Pot Covers With Burlap
SKU: DL1154
4 Assorted Metal Pot Covers With Ear Handles
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