Monday, April 22, 2019
OASIS Plastic Containers is a proud distributor of Oasis Floral has one of the largest selections of Oasis Floral Products available at wholesale prices specifically for the retail floral industry. Please browse our selection of high quality Oasis Plastic Containers and other related Oasis products.

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SKU: OS 45-38054
Oasis Centerpiece Tray - Pine
SKU: OS 45-38051
Oasis Centerpiece Tray - Snow
SKU: OS 45-38024
Oasis Double Bowl - Pine
SKU: OS 45-38021
Oasis Double Bowl - Snow
SKU: OS 45-82602
Oasis Essentials Onyx Large Square Bowl
SKU: OS 45-82202
Oasis Essentials Oval Bowl - Onyx
SKU: OS 45-82203
Oasis Essentials Oval Bowl - Red
SKU: OS 45-82211
Oasis Essentials Oval Bowl Strong Pink
SKU: OS 45-82213
Oasis Essentials Oval Bowl Tangerine
SKU: OS 45-82209
Oasis Essentials Oval Bowl Yellow
SKU: OS 45-82407
Oasis Essentials Rectangle Bowl - Copper
SKU: OS 45-82405
Oasis Essentials Rectangle Bowl - Gold
SKU: OS 45-82402
Oasis Essentials Rectangle Bowl - Onyx
SKU: OS 45-82414
Oasis Essentials Rectangle Bowl - Purple
SKU: OS 45-82403
Oasis Essentials Rectangle Bowl - Red
SKU: OS 45-82406
Oasis Essentials Rectangle Bowl - Silver
SKU: OS 45-82412
Oasis Essentials Rectangle Bowl Apple Green
SKU: OS 45-82411
Oasis Essentials Rectangle Bowl Strong Pink
SKU: OS 45-82413
Oasis Essentials Rectangle Bowl Tangerine
SKU: OS 45-82409
Oasis Essentials Rectangle Bowl Yellow
SKU: OS 45-82307
Oasis Essentials Square Bowl - Copper
SKU: OS 45-82305
Oasis Essentials Square Bowl - Gold
SKU: OS 45-82314
Oasis Essentials Square Bowl - Purple
SKU: OS 45-82303
Oasis Essentials Square Bowl - Red
SKU: OS 45-82306
Oasis Essentials Square Bowl - Silver
SKU: OS 45-82312
Oasis Essentials Square Bowl Apple Green
SKU: OS 45-82311
Oasis Essentials Square Bowl Strong Pink
SKU: OS 45-82313
Oasis Essentials Square Bowl Tangerine
SKU: OS 45-82309
Oasis Essentials Square Bowl Yellow
SKU: OS 45-38072
Oasis Everyday Dish - Onyx
SKU: OS 45-38074
Oasis Everyday Dish - Pine
SKU: OS 1420
Oasis Lomey 11" Designer Dish - Clear
SKU: OS 45-01430
Oasis Lomey 15" Designer Dish - Clear
SKU: OS 45-01400
Oasis Lomey 6" Designer Dish - Clear
SKU: OS 1410
Oasis Lomey 9" Designer Dish - Clear
SKU: OS 45-38014
Oasis Single Bowl - Pine
SKU: OS 45-38011
Oasis Single Bowl - Snow
SKU: OS 45-22090
5" Natural Cork Pot
SKU: OS 45-22225
5.5" Assorted Burlap Bunny Pot
SKU: OS 45-03520
Oasis #5 O'Bowl Container
SKU: OS 45-03510
Oasis #66 O'Bowl Container
SKU: OS 45-38120
Oasis 10" Cone Cooler Bucket
SKU: OS 45-38125
Oasis 10" Cone Cooler Bucket - White
SKU: OS 45-38136
Oasis 10" Display Bucket - Black
SKU: OS 45-38130
Oasis 10" Display Bucket - Clear
SKU: OS 45-38133
Oasis 10" Display Bucket - White
SKU: OS 45-38111
Oasis 10" Free-Standing Cooler Bucket
SKU: OS 45-38116
Oasis 10" Free-Standing Cooler Bucket - White
SKU: OS 45-38314
Oasis 10" Petite Tray - Pine
SKU: OS 45-38112
Oasis 10.5" Free-Standing Cooler Bucket
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