Saturday, November 25, 2017
Wedding Products is a well known Wedding Product supplier. has one of the largest selections of Wholesale Wedding Products available at wholesale prices specifically for the retail floral industry. Please browse our selection of high quality Wedding Products and other related items below.

Bouquet Boxes Bouquet Collars Bouquet Holders
Corsage Leaves Corsage Magnets Corsage/Flower Pins
Cotton Lace Flower Bracelets Metallic Gold/Silver Containers
Pew Holders Ring Pillows Wristlets
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SKU: GD1108
Gum Drop Flower Bracelet - Gold
SKU: GD1112
Gum Drop Flower Bracelet - Icy Mint
SKU: GD1110
Gum Drop Flower Bracelet - Licorice
SKU: GD1107
Gum Drop Flower Bracelet - Sterling Silver
SKU: GP1204
Gypsy Collection Flower Bracelet - Green Apple
SKU: HF1000/IR
Medium Corsage Leaves (Iridescent)
SKU: HF1000/S
Medium Corsage Leaves (Silver)
SKU: OS1770
OASIS Wedding Belle Holder - Grande, White Slant Handle
SKU: OS11-51775
OASIS Wedding Belle Holder - Grande, White Straight Handle
SKU: OS1700
OASIS Wedding Belle Holder - Large, White Slant Handle
SKU: PO1204
Potpourri Bracelet Collection - Kiwi
SKU: HF1005/GR
Small Corsage Leaves (Green)
SKU: SS273
Syndicate Sales 20"x12"x12" Wedding Bouquet Box - Clear
SKU: SS8137
Syndicate Sales Wristlets - Metallic Silver Band
SKU: CW-1214-25
Wedding Bouquet Box 12" x 14" x 7"
SKU: MA889
2.25" Glitter Leaves - Black
SKU: MA888
2.25" Glitter Leaves - Blue
SKU: MA887
2.25" Glitter Leaves - Pink
SKU: MA883
2.25" Glitter Leaves - Red
SKU: DL9004
4 Inch Cake Top
SKU: BR1410
Breezy Flower Bracelet Collection - Blackberry
SKU: CW1404L
Color Your World Bracelet Collection - Lime
SKU: CW1421
Color Your World Bracelet Collection - Peacock
SKU: CW1402
Color Your World Bracelet Collection - Pink
SKU: CW1409
Color Your World Bracelet Collection - Red
SKU: DC1210
Delicate Flower Bracelet Collection - Midnight
SKU: DC1212
Delicate Flower Bracelet Collection - Sugar
Diamond Line 7" Large Revere Bowl - Platinum
Diamond Line 7.75" Designer Urn - Black
Diamond Line 7.75" Designer Urn - White
Diamond Line 9" Giant Revere Bowl - Platinum
Diamond Line 9.5" Designer Urn - Black
Diamond Line 9.5" Designer Urn - White
Diamond Line Large Square Mesa - Gold
Diamond Line Large Square Mesa - Silver
SKU: GG306
Glamour Girl Wristlet - Crystal Rhinestone
Gold Centerpiece Design Tray
SKU: HV1304
High Voltage Bracelet Collection - Green
SKU: HV1315
High Voltage Bracelet Collection - Turquoise
SKU: LA1311
Lauren Bracelet Collection - Champagne
SKU: LA1310
Lauren Bracelet Collection - Midnight
SKU: LA1312
Lauren Bracelet Collection - Sugar
SKU: HF1000/G
Medium Corsage Leaves (Gold)
SKU: V0341
Medium Gold Revere Bowl
SKU: VO342
Medium Silver Revere Bowl
SKU: NY1416
Nadya Bracelet Collection - Cranberry
SKU: NY1404
Nadya Bracelet Collection - Green
SKU: NY1419
Nadya Bracelet Collection - Hot Pink
SKU: OS41-12347
Oasis 1" Cluny Lace - Antique White
SKU: OS41-12346
Oasis 1" Scalloped Lace - Antique White
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