Monday, April 22, 2019
Tools is a well known wholesale floral Tools supplier. has one of the largest selections of wholesale Floral Tools available at wholesale prices specifically for the retail floral industry. Please browse our selection of high quality Floral Tools and other related items below.

SKU: DL 7040
Diamond Line Bunch Floral Cutter
SKU: DL 91001
Diamond Line Embroidered Designer Pocket Apron
SKU: DL 7020
Diamond Line Floral Knife
SKU: DL 7010
Diamond Line Floral Wire Cutters
SKU: DL 7070
Diamond Line Straight Knife
SKU: OS 75-18575
Floral Care Kit
SKU: OS 32-02820
Oasis Branch Cutter
SKU: OS 32-02824
Oasis Bunch Cutter
SKU: OS 32-02810
Oasis Cutting Tools - Bundled Set
SKU: OS 32-02801
Oasis Floral Scissors
SKU: OS 32-02832
Oasis Florist Thumb - Large
SKU: OS 32-02831
Oasis Florist Thumb - Medium
SKU: OS 32-02830
Oasis Florist Thumb - Small
SKU: OS 32-02821
Oasis Hooked Folding Knife
SKU: OS 32-02827
Oasis Jewelry Pliers
SKU: OS 32-02823
Oasis Ribbon Shears
SKU: OS 32-02825
Oasis Small Bunch Cutter
SKU: OS 32-02822
Oasis Straight Folding Knife
SKU: OS 32-02826
Oasis Wire Cutter
SKU: MA 4319
Tape Dispenser 1" or 3" Core
SKU: MA 4318
Tape Dispenser 3 Roll Holder