Sunday, December 17, 2017
Accessories is a well known Floral Accessory supplier. has one of the largest selections of wholesale Floral Accessories available at wholesale prices specifically for the retail floral industry. Please browse our selection of high quality Floral Accessories and other related items below.

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SKU: MA620
12 Inch Chenille Stems - Moss Green
SKU: MA621
12 Inch Chenille Stems - White
SKU: MA889
2.25" Glitter Leaves - Black
SKU: MA888
2.25" Glitter Leaves - Blue
SKU: MA887
2.25" Glitter Leaves - Pink
SKU: MA883
2.25" Glitter Leaves - Red
SKU: DL3499
4.75" Polyresin Fairy On Mushroom - 4 Assorted
CandLED-it LED Flicker Flame For Mechanical Candles
SKU: DL1421
Clear Acrylic Stones & Beads
Diamond Line 12" Cardholder - Clear
Diamond Line 18" Cardholder - Slanted
SKU: DL3800
Diamond Line 3" Water Tube - Clear
Diamond Line 4.75 Inch Water Pick - Green
Diamond Line 9" Slanted Cardholder - Clear
Diamond Line 9" Straight Cardholder - Clear
SKU: DL91001
Diamond Line Embroidered Designer Pocket Apron
SKU: XS10034
Gold Glitter Band - 10 Foot Roll
SKU: XS10036
Green Glitter Band - 10 Foot Roll
SKU: GP144
Greenery Pins
SKU: OS31-03600
Oasis 1" Candle Stake (For Taper Candles)
SKU: OS41-12347
Oasis 1" Cluny Lace - Antique White
SKU: OS41-12362
Oasis 1" Raw Jute - Aloe
SKU: OS41-12363
Oasis 1" Raw Jute - Coral
SKU: OS41-12364
Oasis 1" Raw Jute - Eggplant
SKU: OS41-12361
Oasis 1" Raw Jute - Moss
SKU: OS41-12360
Oasis 1" Raw Jute - Natural
SKU: OS41-12346
Oasis 1" Scalloped Lace - Antique White
SKU: OS41-12345
Oasis 1.25" Cluny Lace - Antique White
SKU: OS31-01944
Oasis 12" Angled Card Holder
SKU: OS33-28041
Oasis 12" Florist Netting - Galvanized
SKU: OS33-28040
Oasis 12" Florist Netting - Green
SKU: OS31-01949
Oasis 18" Card Holder
SKU: OS33-28042
Oasis 18" Florist Netting - Green
SKU: OS41-12344
Oasis 2" Floral Lace - Antique White
SKU: OS2705
Oasis 2" Lomey Diamante Pins - Apple Green
SKU: OS2701
Oasis 2" Lomey Diamante Pins - Clear
SKU: OS2703
Oasis 2" Lomey Diamante Pins - Light Blue
SKU: OS2702
Oasis 2" Lomey Diamante Pins - Pink
SKU: OS2704
Oasis 2" Lomey Diamante Pins - Red
SKU: OS41-12343
Oasis 2" Medallion Lace - Antique White
SKU: OS41-12372
Oasis 2" Raw Jute - Aloe
SKU: OS41-12373
Oasis 2" Raw Jute - Coral
SKU: OS41-12374
Oasis 2" Raw Jute - Eggplant
SKU: OS41-12371
Oasis 2" Raw Jute - Moss
SKU: OS41-12370
Oasis 2" Raw Jute - Natural
SKU: OS41-12342
Oasis 2" Scalloped Lace - Antique White
SKU: OS33-28101
Oasis 24" Wire Easel
SKU: OS33-28102
Oasis 27" Wire Easel
SKU: OS31-03603
Oasis 3" Candle Stake (For Pillar Candles)
SKU: OS31-03604
Oasis 3" Hurricane Candle Stake
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