Saturday, April 20, 2019
Bleached Baskets is a well known Wholesale Bleached Basket supplier. has one of the largest selections of Wholesale Bleached Baskets available at wholesale prices specifically for the retail floral industry. Please browse our selection of high quality wholesale Bleached Baskets and other related items below.

SKU: DL 97025
12 Inch Bleached Willow Tray w/Ear Handles
SKU: W 40223
4 Inch Peanut Shaped Double Bloomer w/Handle-Bleached Willow
SKU: DL 4169 LT
6 Inch Double Bloomer Peanut Basket-Bleached Willow
SKU: W 37150
8 Inch Round Bleached Willow Basket w/Handle
SKU: DL 97022
13 Inch Natural Round Willow Basket
SKU: W73171
8 Inch Bleached Rectangle Willow Basket w/Handle
SKU: DL 4299 LT
8 Inch Bleached Willow Double Bloomer
SKU: DL 97026
Bleached Oval Willow Basket w/Inlaid Side Handles
SKU: DL 97019
S/2 Oval Willow Baskets
SKU: DL 97250
S/3 2-Tone Willow Baskets w/Handle
SKU: DL 8032
S/3 Natural Jumbo Willow Baskets
SKU: DL 97018
S/3 Natural Rectangle Willow Baskets
SKU: DL 98018
S/3 Oval Willow Baskets
SKU: DL 8033
S/4 Natural Willow Baskets