Saturday, December 15, 2018
Rectangle Baskets is a well known Wholesale Rectangle Basket supplier. has one of the largest selections of Wholesale Rectangle Baskets available at wholesale prices specifically for the retail floral industry. Please browse our selection of high quality wholesale Rectangle Baskets and other related items below.

SKU: DL4171
10 Inch Rectangle Bamboo Basket
SKU: DL97025
12 Inch Bleached Willow Tray w/Ear Handles
SKU: DL5516
24 Piece Jeweltone Assortment (6 Styles/4 Each)
SKU: DL98003
2-Tone Wood Chip Basket Assortment (3 Asst. Shapes)
SKU: DL7438
5 Assorted Rectangular Chipwood w/Bale Handle
SKU: DL4170
6 Inch Rectangle Bamboo Basket
SKU: W73171
8 Inch Bleached Rectangle Willow Basket w/Handle
SKU: W71033
8 Inch Rustic Rectangle Willow Basket w/Handle
SKU: DL5620
Assorted Antique Brown 20 Piece Assortment
SKU: DL94932
Green/Gray Willow with Double Handle
Jeweltone Assorted Baskets 3 Styles
Natural Assorted Baskets 3 Styles
SKU: DL5519
Natural Rectangular Bamboo Basket
SKU: DL2063
Rectangle Metal Baskets w/Heart Design & Bale Handle
SKU: DL5823
Rectangle Red/White Basket with Handle
SKU: 4104A4
Rectangular Bamboo Baskets W/Handle (4 Styles)
SKU: DL5514
Rectangular Birthday Basket (Whitewashed)
SKU: DL94930
Rectangular Gray Woodchip Basket with Bale Handle
SKU: DL94979
Rectangular Natural Willow Rope Baskets (Set of 2)
SKU: DL7734
Rectangular Rope and Willow Basket with Wood Ear Handles
SKU: DL5220
Rectangular Wire and Rope Baskets (3 Assorted)
SKU: DL2189
Rustic Log w/Moss
SKU: W71106
S/2 White Painted Bamboo Trellis Baskets
SKU: DL98002/3
S/3 Birch Bark w/Bale Handle Baskets
SKU: DL8075
S/3 Bamboo Trunks
SKU: DL97018
S/3 Natural Rectangle Willow Baskets
SKU: DL94960
S/3 Rectangle Honey Chipwood Baskets
SKU: DL94969
S/3 Rectangle Stained Chipwood/Willow Baskets
SKU: DL94961
S/3 Rectangle Whitewash Chipwood Baskets
SKU: DL97966
Set of 3 Rectangular Willow Baskets With Wire Reinforcement
Stained Assorted Baskets 3 Styles
SKU: GC20013
Steel Wire Rectangular Basket w/Coco Liner
White Assorted Baskets 3 Styles
SKU: DL94952
White Painted Willow w/Fabric Trim - 4 Assorted
SKU: DL94953
White Painted Willow w/Red Fabric Trim